The Baby Blues

by Daryl Waller

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  • Making of the Baby Blues Package + CD

    42 page full colour A4 making of The Baby Blues 'book' in the form of a 'pregnancy notes folder'. Secret notes, chord, drawings, ideas, diary entires. Comes with baby hospital wristband with unique message on the reverse side.

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    Includes unlimited streaming of The Baby Blues via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Recorded in DW's art studio in London, Pond Cottage, Sussex and the Squibb Beach Chalet, Hayle, Cornwall on and off between 2009 and 2013.


released April 6, 2015

Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering.
Written, recorded & produced by Daryl Waller.
Mixed at Allman Studios, Stoke Newington By Daryl Waller.
Cover photo by Katie Toms.
Artwork & design by Daryl Waller.

Rob Williams: Cello on 'take me anywhere'
Philipp Virus: Spoken word on 'hitler opens his fist'
Jason Lytle (Grandaddy): Synth on 'gene wilder'
Erica Jarnes: Backing vocals on 'look to your mother'
Chad Mathney (Emperor X): Drums on 'smooth hands'
Syd Barrett: Spoken word on 'smooth hands'


all rights reserved



flawedcore Bristol, UK

Flawedcore Records was established by artist Daryl Waller in September 2011. Meant as a musical / experimental output for visual artists'

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Track Name: Take me anywhere
Take me anywhere, I'll go with you

And you said "drive the car
Fasten your seat belt
We're gonna go real far
To a place where things move slow
Leave it behind us
A place where we can grow
Don't drive too fast
Don't make skids
I wanna be there
When we have our kids

Take me anywhere
Track Name: Hitler opens his fist
Hitler opens his fist like a blossoming flower
What covers up the smell of blood in the summerD
Don't worry it's winter and it's all covered
Hitler opens his mind like a blossoming flower

I lift you from the water when you were heaviest
I smashed the ice that packed you tight
I gave you warm clothes you didn't want that
Yea it was me that put up the bunting in the dead of night

I was solid i did it alone, like a river
Snaking through the soft soil on my own
You built me bridges maybe i didn't want that
Then you told me your a lover, not a giver

Translated speech:

He gathered his friends around him like an island gathering clouds.
Shade to protect the animals from the burning sun. He dreamt of a new kind of island, where people will rise above their hate and brutality. He wondered why so many had been left behind. He asked and looked to the sky. A voice boomed from the clouds and It struck him to the ground. "Because they did nothing to help, BECAUSE THEY STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING!"

Look up!… open your mind… the way of life can be free and beautiful.

Hitler opens his fist like a blossoming flower
What covers up the smell of blood in the summer
Don't worry it's winter and it's all covered
Hitler opens his mind like a blossoming flower
Track Name: The shepherd
A shepherd has one hundred sheep
He goes out onto the hill and looks after them all night
When he returns he counts only ninety nine sheep
Jesus said "maybe you should go back out and find that missing sheep"
So the Shepherd went back and he searched and he searched and he searched

At last he found the missing sheep alive
and brought it back home
The Shepherd said to Jesus "now there are one hundred sheep".
Jesus said "you are a very good shepherd… but I am a better one".
Track Name: Shoad
I saw a sick sign in the sky
That's quietly turned red
Your forced hand
My force was unplanned
Give me a shoad
Without the ice and sly glance to the left
No I don't follow your instructions
Give me flat and warm kindness
Sleepily and creepily
Goodnight my love
Track Name: The breeze
It's no dream of mine
To occupy a mind
I cannot come nearer to God and Heaven
Than I live to you
I'm a stoney shore
And the breeze that passes over
In the hollow of my hands
Are its waters and its sands
Track Name: There is something
There is something about me
That brings out the very worst In the people
I meet on the street

There is something about you
That brings out the very best in the people
How do you do that?

There is something about us
That brings out the very best in the people
And I know that I should say thanks for that

And so here we go, becoming more introverted, feeling more boring.
Being cut off from others, being ignored, being overlooked, but not looking either. Wanting attention.. but not being able to bring myself to seek this attention. Feeling negative, feeling negativity.
Seeing only the bad in others
Living in the city
Being hot, being cold
Noticing the bad things
Being unfocused in my work
Not being good enough
My work not being required or appreciated
Guilt about not earning money
Wanting to be alone.. when i want to be alone
Not being together when i want to be together
Not being able to handle going out to busy places after long periods spent alone. Shy.. but overtaking to boring people
Wanting to be somewhere else
The feeling time is going fast
Having no friends
Being around people who are successful and are forging for the future
Having little in common
Ideas running out, fitness and health
My unborn child's place in the world
That the amount of time spent with someone doesn't mean they actually care more
That i've tried my best to stay in touch with the people
But its become a humiliating effort
Track Name: The valet
I draw back the curtains
And light fills the space
My master is sleepy
The valet knows his place

Good morning sir
It's time to wake up
This mornings newspaper
And a fresh cup for you

I run him a bath
Then shave his face
The smell of a new day
The smell of a fresh open grave

The travel arrangements
Were made yesterday
The carriage is waiting
To take him far away

Now my mind wears the colours
Of his very soul
My master is gone
I feel old

A friend from a far
i'm never too close
I am the valet

A friend from a far
but never too close
I am the valet
Track Name: Gene Wilder
Write your name
Write your name
Write it again
No, write it again
No, try again

Do it again
Write your name

I got my ear to the track
And my comrades are here
We wait
The taste of blood in my throat
I'm ready for the hold up
And everything is set
Nothing will go wrong
If I keep my vision blue

Could Gene Wilder become my Dad?
And love me so

A child is crying
Because it's lying
On a rug
Made of fear

Gene as the fox
Be my dad
Track Name: The Robin Hood blues
In the wood sat Robin Hood
No one asked him if he felt good
Climbed a tree to feel the breeze
Climbed back down
When he realised he was down

Beneath the spit camps the hog

Lit a fire and put it out
Didn't know what life's about
He'd stolen from the rich and given to the poor
But the rich got poor so he had to steal some more
From the formerly poor

In the woods sat Robin Hood
No one asked him if he felt good
Didn't understand what life was for
Did himself good on the forest floor
Track Name: Look to your mother
There's a tunnel that leads to the heart of it all
Accessible only to those who can crawl
Through rivers of fire that never go out
Are we just salmon without any doubt
That there's no luck or chance in all that we do
Are we condemned like the wondering Jew
If you're looking at postcards of a sunny view
Then someone is happy and thinking of you
If you're looking for reasons to stay on this earth
Then look to your Mother and look to your birth
If you're looking at pictures and feeling unique
While glancing at lists that you know that you'll never complete
Then lighten the beat

Could you hold me a minute and help me calm down
Wrap me inside of your surgical gown
There's a fast forward feeling inside of my brain
Its hard to describe and it's not causing pain
When I look at your hands they're a pile of wood
There's meaning in that but it's not understood
Then I look to the child that crawls on the floor
In seventeen years he'll be right out that door
But I'm coming home now, I didn't realise the time
Was falling to pieces, tell her you love her tonight

Walk upright with nothing to lean on
Don't lean on me
Track Name: Smooth hands
If I knew the reason why
Giving up was hard to do
When I work I still need you
Is the feeling mutual?

I hear a voice, I ignore that
I doubt you are my friend at all
Real life comes to those with smooth hands
Who are tired of the urban sprawl

When I'm feeling crushed and empty
Is it right to count on you?
So I drew "I still love you"
And wonder if my love is true

What if you go away forever?
What if you go away for good?

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

It's hard letting go

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