The Soundtrack to Agony

by Alex Fletcher



"This album was recorded using an Acoustic Solutions Keyboard, usually played live into the microphone of an ageing Panasonic digital video camera, and sometimes played through an equally ageing 'B.B Blaster' 10W Amplifier (again recorded using the DV). My voice is also recorded live in this fashion. The various tracks were converted from video to Mp3 files and then aligned and edited (with the addition of reverb, echo, etc) on Audacity 2.0. Electronic tones were also produced using Audacity's built-in Tone Generator - for that Silver Apples feel. Some of you may be wondering why I don't use a proper microphone. The obvious answer to this is 'lack of funds' and the second answer is 'the technology I have is too primitive to make proper use of such things' - but the day will come".

"Lyrically I've oscillated between spoken word treatises on modern warfare, and singing about personal thoughts and issues. I don't subscribe to the notion that an artist is purely about politics. That's a post-punk ideology, and sometimes it ignores the contradictions, and also the emotion and imagination, of the individual. It's perfectly possible to make a joke one moment and be serious the next. We manage this every day in our daily lives, but sometimes struggle to put this across in the most directly communicative form of art there is. Whether this be truth or fantasy on my part, so it stands".


released October 19, 2012


all rights reserved



flawedcore Bristol, UK

Flawedcore Records was established by artist Daryl Waller in September 2011. Meant as a musical / experimental output for visual artists'

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Track Name: Eurofighter
The seat of power
is never where we're sitting down
The eleventh hour
is where I know we're headed now
And they say...
with tradition, because nothing in this world is for free
or we take away the future cos' you just can't agree
Stop believing
in the European show
We are dreaming
if we think they'll let us go
And they say...
Don't you realise if you leave us then you leave us to fate.
The future we decided is not up for debate
Track Name: Arab Watch
While we sit and celebrate
the fact Britain is good but not great*
somewhere in an Arab state
people are dying
for the sake of democracy.
Fighting the artillery
of a military
controlled by despotic tyranny,
while we sit on our hands
in safe, celebratory lands,
and wave our flags
at passing river cruises;
without caring who wins or loses
the endless sick,
battle of rhetoric.

I know, I know,
I've slipped out of your comfort zone;
away from home.
Rhetoric? you say.
Didn't we take a holiday
there, sometime in the seventies?
You, me, and the Allegro?
Wasn't it somewhere in Montenegro?
Just before the start
of the war that broke that land apart?

Despite the digression
you make a valid point.
Authoritarian aggression
puts my nose out of joint.
And on that occasion,
as now,
there was no invasion,
but inner strife and disintegration
of public order.
Fueled by government forces,
and guns passing across the border.
So while we sit at luncheon
and rely on diplomacy to function,
children lay dying,
with throats slit
from ear to ear.
With a scream
we try not to hear.
In a land
we can't hope to steer.
Track Name: Ordinary Popstar
You gotta sing
Just so you can begin
You gotta win
Cuz winning's the thing
Don't give up without a fight

You're the best
Just forgot about the rest
You're the one
Nobody's doing what you've done
Don't give up without a fight

You're so hot
They want to know just what you got
Got the lot
Now your load is all but shot

You gotta sing
Just so you can begin
You gotta win
Cuz winning's the thing
Don't give up without a fight

Don't give up without a fight
Don't give up without a fight
Don't give up without a fight
Track Name: The Missionary Position
I send you money but never flowers
I know it's not the way to give
We talk on messenger for hours
but we just talk, we never live

I know you're just another ingenue
but I'm almost afraid to say it's through
You want to be my never-say-never girl
You want to love a man from the western world

I know that my situation mirrors
the things you describe to me every day
All men could be murderers or killers
you couldn't care less unless they're gay

I know things are always gonna' stay the same
and you know we're always gonna' play this game
You want to be my once and forever girl
You want to hurt a man from the western world

I know I can never say goodbye to you
but if I don't I don't know what I'm gonna' do
You want to be my ever-steady-ready girl
Come and make a fool of the western world
Track Name: Begin Again
When you're young you don't believe in age
You don't care unless it's not the rage
You live your life for now, but don't forget... will begin again..who knows where it will end?

Cos' nobody can tell you what to do
and nothing said can ever get to you
You think the world was made for you, and yet.. all begins again..tell me when's it gonna' end...

You touch the sky before you've been below
You tell lies about the things you know
There's no end in sight but don't forget... all begins again..who knows where it may end?

Cos' nobody can ever bring you down
Your feet are never gonna' touch the ground
You think today is all there is and yet... all begins again..tell me, when's it gonna' end?
Track Name: Add Eve take ribbing
And God created man
And God created woman
And soon enought they found
they had nothing at all in common
One cared about the penis
One cared about the heart
And soon they find
presence of mind
will tear them both apart
She needs cash to build on
a heart already started
But he knows he can't belong
to a life already martyred
to love and to the children
a stitch upon a suture
that can't repair
the obvious tear
ripped into their future.
He treads upon a spider
She's frightened by a fly
Nothing can bring them closer
than Earth may be to sky
She drives him slowly crazy
takes the shortest route
from one state to another
from ignorance to brute
They started out so happy
He thought he'd found his match
Setting fire
to his desire
but then he found a catch
She longed for many children
He lusted after her
But impediment
to a settlement
was likely to occur
And soon enough he drifted
like icebergs in a floe
back to where he started
to what he used to know
He knew that she'd be crying
her heart upon her sleeve
How could he give up trying?
How could he make her grieve?
Inside this human bubble
they saw only one another
There was no escape for them
no shelter and no cover
But in the wider world at large
it doesn't really matter
when hearts that once were brought so close
fly suddenly ascatter
And even now they carry on
in spite of all the danger
with a person they once knew
now wedded to a stranger
There is no dream
no hope or faith
or God in his regalior
No, nothing but the world exists
for hearts that now know failure.
Track Name: Home to Roost
Snap your fingers
I give in.
Try to change me
from within.
But I can't be moved.
I'm stuck where you found me.
You can't make me what I
can't be.

Do you know just
what you have done?
You even make me
hate the sun.
I thought if we should part
then I would feel bereft.
But after all this
what is left?

You say minus
I say plus.
So don't call
or make a fuss.
I won't live the future
you have made for me.
You need a man
but it's not me.
Track Name: Bring me to life
Anybody can turn you on;
It's a marathon,
just for kicks.

Buff and tall-in-the-saddle types,
bringing kleenex wipes
for their drips.

You can bring me to life,
you can make my heart sing.
You can bring me to life,
make me do anything.

It doesn't matter where you are;
prostrate in a car,
or at home.

All the men want to fill you in,
while you're talking sin
on the phone.

You can bring me to life,
cos' you know what to say.
You can bring me to life,
chase the daylight away.

You're queen of the prom they say;
now you're far away
from your school.

What would mummy and daddy do
if they could see you,
little fool?

You can bring me to life,
with the things that you do.
You can bring me to life,
you can make me love you.

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