Golden Day Blues

by Alex Fletcher



released November 13, 2012


all rights reserved



flawedcore Bristol, UK

Flawedcore Records was established by artist Daryl Waller in September 2011. Meant as a musical / experimental output for visual artists'

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Track Name: Golden Day Blues
Languid days and lonely nights
Giving up on all my fights
Night and day are just the same
I only have myself to blame

Golden day blues, golden day sunshine
Living for the day
Golden day blues, golden day sunshine
To chase the blues away
Golden day blues, golden day sunshine
Living for the past
Golden day blues, golden day sunshine
And it's not gonna' last.

Wishing, wanting, trying to cope
Dreaming, praying for some hope
Knowing, crying to belong
Nobody told me I was wrong
Grieving, thieving, like you do
Skiving, winding like a screw
Wishing I was more than this
Wishing I could have your kiss.


Reading, writing all the facts
Drilling, filling all the cracks
Lying, cheating, like you do
Oh yes, that's me, but that's not you
Dreaming, flying, in the sky
Living, breathing, why do I
Tell myself that I am good?
When I don't do the things I should.

Track Name: The Cruel C
You inhale all the smoke
you think will make you cool.
But all around you people
say you are a fool.

You won't give up;
it is your right...

You won't live one more day
if you don't pack it in;
though you know just how
you're looking now

They put a picture on the front
to make you think.
But you just laugh and smile
and take another drink.

You wake up choking in the night...

You're just another body
waiting for the fire.
Tell me now
will you be here when I retire?

The stain of cancer spreads
like ink upon a page.
Now, it's effects are not too hard
for us to gauge.

You want to be high as a kite....

Tobacco smoke like lightning,
rising from your face.
All around the stink
is filling up the place.

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